Come Visit Paso Robles, California


    to El Paso de Robles, or “Pass of the Oaks”, a community of 30,000 nestled in the coastal mountain range of central California, where the values and riches of the past are interwoven with the future. Located close to mountains, beaches, and deserts, it is home to one of the United States’ greatest wine growing areas and a growing number of hot springs resorts.

    The City of Paso Robles has a long history with both wine and healing waters. Situated midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, it is also a gateway to thriving metropolitan areas north, south and east.

    Paso Robles offers all the amenities of family life including attractive and available housing, ample City services, state-of-the-art recreation facilities, easy access retail shopping, excellent public schools, and safe neighborhoods.

    The City understands the importance of business and works hard to attract commerce in a diverse array of industries. The local economy remains healthy with a 2008 gross product of $2,000,000,000. Paso Robles’ population growth continues to exceed much of the Central Coast. With just over 11% of San Luis Obispo County’s population, the City has 19% of retail sales and 53% of manufacturing jobs. In 2008 alone, Paso Robles accounted for 14% of all the new homes built. Paso Robles has sustained strong, uninterrupted economic growth since 1993. Given Paso Robles’ diversified economy, the national economic recession will be felt in the City, but at a lesser degree than the remainder of the county. The regional economic outlook for San Luis Obispo County can be downloaded here: Paso Robles Economic Forecast

    Paso Robles holds the charm of a rural community, but is developing into a center of industry, viticulture, art, recreation, commerce, and housing. It is truly a place with something for everyone.

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    D. Jack Stinchfield

    Born and raised in Atascadero. Graduate from San Jose State University with a BS degree with a Real Estate emphasis and with honors. Assistant Secretary and Manager of the Real Estate Owned Department for one of the largest Savings & Loans in Northern California. Vice President and Central California Loan Manager for Century Federal Savings and Loan. Founder & President of the private money lending firm, Stinchfield Financial Inc. which I sold in 1994. My past civic accomplishments include: 1st chairman of the Colony Days Celebration, Chairman of the Committee to study the feasibility of Incorporation of Atascadero, past president of the Paso Robles Board of Realtors, past president of the Rotary Club of Atascadero, and member and past Founding Treasurer of the Atascadero Veteran's Memorial Foundation. I am currently a Founding Director of Escuela Del Rio, (a school for the mentally disabled located in Atascadero), member and past board member of the Atascadero Elks Club, past President of the Paso Robles Board of Realtors, past member and President of the Rotary Club of Atascadero and present

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